About NeNe Records

We are a community that since 2003 began organizing played with the most irreverent bands of Monterrey, Mexico; tape recorded with two cheap microphones to legendary underground bands in the city. Now we continue recording, producing bands distributed over the Internet for free music from all the bands that have supported us in various ways. www.nenerecords.net is our netlabel and here you will find our recommendations, information on the bands, and if you are a collector can also buy merchandise.

We are not a sub-label of any other large company, we have complete independence and recorded what we want, what we like and what we may dislike others. We do not handle specific genres and we love working with bands anywhere in the world.

We are not in make booking of foreign bands to come to Mexico or anywhere in the country but we can get you help.

We love to hear, no matter what genre it is, send your two best tracks to demo@nenerecords.net

No signed bands at all. Each band owns her own material and this may be part of the netlabel via downloadable catalog.

We also publish the material in special edition CDs, screen printed, engraved or scratched by hand. Purchasable in and soon played through the on-line store.

Once or twice a year we organize a party to which we invite Nene the best bands in and out of NR or Monterrey. If you missed the Nene Party 07 Here you can see a set of pictures taken by Jaime Mtzz.

We do not claim anything other than live and the music and everything that has to do with it. We do not have slaves or paid staff behind us, nor do we use suit or tie.

If you think you are like us, we can help.


Years ago a cheap rental department and a credit in the bank, made ​​possible the emergence of Nene Records. Now we want to take all that and more to your headphones, your scenario and your country.

Please not Nene Records in no longer in operation.

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